Request for Proposal


Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue (ROI), hereby invites you to submit a sealed proposal on the goods and/or services as described below.

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Project Specifications


The subject focus of this RFP is to install access control to the Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue such as to provide key replacement and better protection to the congregants and visiting community members.


The scope of the project includes installing a combination wired and wireless access control system that uses modern mifare/desfire card technology and encrypted communications end to end. Wired access control with all industry standard access control wiring, headend and door control hardware will be installed to industry standards on the Front double doors and rear single door. Wireless access control hardware will be installed on the 3 office doors located in the foyer and a wireless communication device will be installed in the foyer to communicate reliably with them in real-time. Wireless access control hardware will also be installed on the 6 upstairs classrooms and associated wireless communication devices will be installed on that floor to communicate reliably in real-time with those wireless handsets. All hardware will be programmed and capable of going into a lockdown state upon issuance of an emergency signal from a physical button being pressed and emergency cards being presented to any of the readers. 3 exterior doors will also have wire ran to them and door contacts installed with a local piezo siren to alert of door opening or door propped notifications through the access control system. Also included will be a video doorbell station installed at the front entrance connected to the local network and answered by two master stations which will be installed in the main office and the sound booth. The video doorbell shall also be capable of being answered remotely via mobile app and capable of triggering a door unlock through the access control system.


Vendor will provide all the wire, wiring, hardware, enclosures, electrical connections, server/workstation, IT support, conduit/wiremold, labor, and materials to provide a complete solution to this RFP from start to finish.

Vendor will wire the wired access control doors with industry standard plenum composite cable to the location of the headend enclosure which they will then provide plenum Cat 6 ethernet cable which they will run to the network switch enclosure and punch down in the patch panel and patch to the network switch.

Vendor will work with Remnant of Israel IT to determine network access and IP addresses.
Vendor will provide and install Mifare/Desfire readers, recessed door contacts, REX devices, Electric strikes or Electric retraction to the front and rear wired access control doors.

Vendor will identify the correct wireless hardware to install on the 3 office and 6 classroom doors and will install wireless access control locksets which connect to the unified system that the wired doors connect to and which provide online monitoring, status control, immediate commands, live audits, and emergency lockdown. These locks will use the same credential as the wired doors.

Vendor will provide at a minimum plenum 18-4 wiring to each of the 3 other exterior emergency exit exterior doors from the access control head-end and install door contacts and piezo sirens at each door connected, monitored and controlled through the access control system to alert of door openings and door held events audibly at the door and via email.

Vendor will provide a workstation/server meeting or exceeding the manufacturer recommended specifications for the access control software and will install the workstation in a locked enclosure which the vendor will provide.

Vendor will provide industry standard surge protection and battery backup for the access control system and provided workstation/server.

Vendor must provide and install an access control enclosure for all wired hardware that is locking and meets industry standards.

Vendor will provide all electrical connections for the access control enclosure and hardware to industry standard.

Vendor will provide and install all software and licensing for all related access control components. Licensing will include all features associated with wireless communication of devices, lockdown, and alarm event notifications by email. All licensing will be permanent licenses with no reoccurring fees. Manufacturer must provide technical support to the end-user at no cost including no support plans needed. Salto Systems is preferred.

Vendor will provide 50 fobs and 200 cards for system as well as two sets of all management tools needed for card issuance and of management of the access control doors to include any tools needed for maintenance on the wireless doors.

Video doorbell must be able to call both master stations upon call button pressed and a notification sent to mobile users. Master station located in sound booth must be able to be muted during services and able to be answered on a handset. Master stations must be able to view and monitor the door station at will. Mobile app must be capable of being used for answering door and issuing an unlock to the access control door while onsite and on the local network, but also while offsite and only connect to a cellular network without local network access.

All materials provided will be new from the manufacturer and include at a minimum 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Vendor must have a local office within 50 miles of zip code 67218 and have local technicians certified in the access control system selected. Certified technicians must be local to the Wichita area and able to respond 24/7 within 4 hours of an emergency service request.

Vendor will provide a certified technician to perform onsite training to ROI staff on all installed access control software and function of doors, doorbell, master stations, issuance of cardholder credentials and system management.
Vendor must be able to show that they have experience in installing, servicing and managing the access control solution and provide at least two references of similar religious facilities in which they have installed the same access control solution at locally.

Testing of all devices will be done with an ROI representative before there is a signed project completion.

No work will be completed on Saturdays or while services are being attended.

An inventory including serial numbers, mac addresses, IP addresses, descriptive names and a building map showing locations and names will be provided and delivered to ROI upon project completion for all installed hardware/software/materials.

All documents created as a part of the project will be owned by ROI and will be delivered to ROI before final payment.

After 30 days but within 90 days of signed project completion vendor will complete a system review to verify all hardware/software is operating as intended and will remedy any issues found.


The Vendor is to provide the following details concerning all-inclusive cost options.

1. Itemized Material list
2. Anticipated lead times for Materials
3. Provide a detailed process and schedule for each objective of the proposal
4. Pricing must include all expenses related to the completion of the project

Selection Criteria and Interview Process

It is anticipated that vendors will be selected for an interview. The interviews will occur either face-to-face or online at a time agreed upon by vendor, project committee and financial committee.

Following proposal reviews and interviews, if the latter are deemed necessary, the Project Committee will rank the interviewing proposals as follows:

• Attends the mandatory site walk (contact  within 10 days of the posting of this RFP on Kansas register for information)
• Vendor’s knowledge of the subject
• Representation of adequate staff capacity and the ability to perform the tasks desired.
• Verification of having performed similar tasks with the experience occurring consecutively within the past 5 years within the local region.
• Display knowledge of regulations and industry standards specific to the state of Kansas
• The ability to complete the project by April 1st, 2024
• Positive and constructive reference reports
• Price

A decision will be made no later than September 29th, 2023. Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue will then engage the top ranked Vendor in contract negotiations by October 13th 2023.


Directions for Submission of RFP

Interested individuals, firms and organizations are to submit one copy of their proposal to the following address:

Philip Snell
Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue
3700 E Pawnee St
Wichita, KS 67218
(316) 744-7470

Such proposals must show the following information:

1. Vendor name and address
2. Brief history of operation and range of service capabilities
3. Name and resume of Project Director
4. Resumes of all principals and professional support staff involved demonstrating qualifications and related experience and expertise
5. No less that three references including contact information and a brief description of the services provided
6. Only sealed hard-copy proposals are acceptable. These can either be hand delivered or submitted via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other delivery service.

CAUTION: Be sure to allow time for your proposal to arrive, since UPS, FedEx and USPS delivery times can be erratic and unpredictable. “Next Day Delivery” does not guarantee delivery by the deadline and all proposals received after the stated deadline will be rejected and returned unopened.

7. Questions concerning the project and proposal process should be emailed to and will be answered and posted on the ROI website ( up until five (5) working days prior to bid opening. Questions submitted after that point will not be answered or processed.

8. All proposals must be clearly labeled on the outside of the envelope with the project name ‘Remnant of Israel Access Control’.

9. Change orders will not be allowed unless a customer driven scope of work is presented and proposal is delivered prior to acceptance.

10. Proposal changes or modifications will be accepted by electronic (e.g., E-mail, FAX) means, but only if the change or modification is received prior to the bid deadline and then only if the information submitted does not reveal the base value being adjusted. Hardcopy, written confirmation of the value change/modification must be received within two (2) working days after the closing date; otherwise, no consideration will be given to the electronic modification.

11. Electronic submissions (e.g., E-mail and FAX) of complete proposals are NOT acceptable and will be rejected.

12. Neither duplicate hard copies nor electronic versions of proposals should be circulated to other parties affiliated with the project.
Sealed proposals will be accepted until 1:00 PM, Central Time Friday September 22nd 2023. At that time, all proposals received will be publicly opened. That information will be passed on to the Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue Project Committee which will consist of at least three people. Members of that committee shall then review the individual proposals in accordance with the stated criteria.

Budget and Contract

Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue, will enter into a contract with the selected firm. The Vendor is hereby informed that the contract document must be approved by the Kansas Highway Patrol prior to its final execution.
All persons awarded and/or entering into contracts with Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue shall be subject to and required to comply with all applicable state and federal provisions pertaining to non-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity. All Contracts will be reviewed by the Kansas Highway Patrol prior to execution.