Middle school and high school years are tough, but vital times to train students to be disciples of Yeshua. Most churches serve up watered down, fun-and-games teaching aimed to draw in the maximum crowd and entertain them for a few hours. This does a poor job of equipping students for the spiritual challenges they will face beyond high school. In fact, the vast majority of youth leave the body of Messiah after high school.

At Remnant of Israel we aim to stand in the gap for our youth and not let them fall by weak teaching and study. We really dive into the Word each week in a structure that will cover the entire Bible within a 6-year window. We also hit on critical theological principles that Messianic Jewish youth need to know. The end goal is that our students will become theologically sound, vital members of the body of Messiah who love Yeshua and want to make His name great!

The Remnant of Israel youth group is open for all 7th through 12th grade students. We have Bible Study every Saturday afternoon unless otherwise noted on our calendar of events. In addition, we take annual trips to the spring YMJA retreat in Texas and an exciting weekend trip each summer. Co-leaders Philip and Lisa have been working with the congregational youth since 2009 and have a true passion and calling to teach and reach out to teens for Yeshua.


Our Mission Statement

“The purpose of Remnant of Israel’s youth ministry is to foster Godly spiritual growth and discipleship through fellowship with other Messianic teens, worshiping Yeshua the Messiah, providing opportunities for service and outreach in the congregation and community, and developing their Messianic identity in a fun and culturally relevant setting.”


If you are interested in more information regarding our youth group please call (316)744-7470.